Smoky: The US 5th Air Force Battle Yorkie who saved lives

Antidote to Modern Day Negativity Overload: First Support Animal

Smoky, 4 pound 7 inch tall Yorkie, was found in a fox hole in Papua New Guinea, Feb.1944. Abandoned, she was adopted by Cor. William A. Wynne who carried her everywhere including: a paradrop, 12 air rescue missions and posted as a sentry near machine guns in a backpack where she warned of incoming artillery on several occasions saving lives. Smoky could often be found in Williams’ helmut as she was small enough to fit. The little dog became an icon of the South Pacific War theater and was known as the “little angel from a foxhole”. She returned home with William where she went on to perform in many shows to the delight of the public, and gained a once lost interest in the Yorkie Terrier breed of dog. She never once ran away from danger and remained with Cor. Wynne until she died at age 14(approx). She was a good dog.

Valor can be found even in the smallest. Valor is in you. Set it free.

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