Douglas Munro: The ONLY Coast Guard Medal of Honor

Used his boat and body to shield Marines in WW2

Signalman First Class Douglas Munro was killed driving his Higgens boat by using it to shield another boat full of Marines who were under attack and trying to retreat from a Japanese ambush on Guadalcanal. Shot in the head, he lay on his boat till help arrived. Looking up at his comrades who found him, he asked “Did they get off?” and then passed away from his injuries with a smile on his face when they told him yes. Douglas Munro is currently the only Coast Guard, non-Marine, to be featured on the Marine Wall of Heroes at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. A memorial to his legacy is located in Crystal River, Florida behind city hall. Unlike many of the brave, Munro died with a smile on his face knowing his Valor was not in vain.

It takes Valor to be the first to do something brave: Being the ONLY one is epic. Valor is in you. Set it free.


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