Lt. John Fox: A final Act of Valor

He Took His Own Life to Save Others

Lt. Fox was a forward observer in WW2 the Italian Campaign when the village he was in was overrun by Germans who had dressed in civilian clothes to infiltrate the town. Calling in artillery strikes to within 60 yards of his position, he realized that he was being surrounded by a large number of German troops. Realizing the hopelessness of his situation and trying to delay the German advance against his American soldiers, he called in an artillery strike on his own position. The artillery commander argued that he would be killed if he did so, to which Lt.Fox replied :”Fire it!! There’s more of them than us! Give them hell!” The resulting artillery barrage killed Lt. Fox, but delayed the German advance. He was surrounded by over 100 dead German infantrymen when found later.

We honor the Valor of Lt. John Fox who in his last moments showed us the way.

Valor is in you. Set it Free.

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