Wild Bill Crump and Jeep

The only combat coyote in history

John Crump was a WW2 fighter pilot of the P-40, P-47, and p-51. While he was an outstanding and brave fighter pilot, his lasting fame will probably be due to the pet coyote (named Jeep) he smuggled all the way to England. He had found the baby coyote in Nebraska on a training mission and he brought it along as good luck. Jeep went everywhere with John and was the mascot of the base in England where the two would often be found practicing their howl together. Jeep went on at least 5 fighter missions with John until he was killed in an accident. Wild Bill never forgot Jeep and had a portrait of him on his P-51 for the rest of the war. While just an animal (wild one at that), Jeep had a profound effect on everyone around him in a time when something to inspire was badly needed. Valor does not exist in a vacuum. Thank you Wild Bill Crump and Jeep for bringing out the courage buried deep within us.

Valor is in you. Set it free.


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