Bristol Beaufighter: First of the Multirole Attack Class Aircraft

The Beaufighter was a multirole gunship with an attitude

The twin engine British aircraft became an important multirole fighter/bomber and gunship attack plane. It had unique technology in its engines that used a sleeve instead of valves for the cylinders. It gave the airplane a peculiar whispering sound that apparently became known to the Japanese as “Whispering death”. The Beaufighter could use a number of different weapons: torpedoes, bombs, radar night fighter equipment, rockets, up to 10 machine guns, four 20mm cannons and in one special case a pair of 40mm Bofors cannon in the nose. 70 pilots became aces in the Beaufighter and it remained a potent weapon till the end of WW2 especially for the Royal Australian Air Force in the Papua New Guinea against shipping. While not as widely known as the Mosquito or some other attack aircraft, it was made in large numbers and was a force to be reckoned with. Brave men from all Allied countries flew the Beaufighter.

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