Lachhiman Gurung: 4ft 11inch One Armed One Eyed Death Merchant

Killed 31 Japanese, held off 200 for three days

Lachhiman Gurung was a Gurka soldier in Burma 1945 when his position was attacked by 200 angry Japanese soldiers. By himself, he defended his trench position, throwing back grenades and explosives until one grenade exploded in his hand. It vaporized his hand and nearly tore off the left side of his face, blinding him. That's when he got mad. He jammed his Kukri knife in the soil and started yelling insults at the Japanese daring them to cross his line. They tried…….and died. One handed cocking his bolt action Lee Enfield rifle he shot them one by one for three days straight. In the end, 31 Japanese soldiers lay dead around him, another 50 nearby. He survived the battle and was awarded the Victoria Cross, forever enshrined in the Halls of the Valorous.

When the chips are down, and the future looks grim, the Valorous never give up they just get motivated. Valor is in you. Set it free.

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