Capt. Royce Williams: Took on 7 Mig-15s Alone

He shot down 4 Migs in 30 minutes over Korea

For 70 years the secret of Capt. William’s Valor over the skies of Korea has been hidden. Now we learn about a hero who shot down 4 Soviet Mig-15s over Korea in his F9F Panther after he was jumped by them. The Panther was a tough aircraft but it was no dogfighter. Somehow Williams managed to keep his plane from being shot down by the superior Mig-15s and emptied his 20mm guns into as many of them as he could, taking multiple hits to his Panther. When the Migs turned for home after losing 4 to Williams and his Panther Bullet Magnet, Capt. Williams drove his shot up plane to the carrier and managed to land it. The crew counted over 200 bullet holes in his Panther, proving that the F9F was almost as tough as Royce. He will be awarded the Navy Cross soon after years of his Valor being hidden. Capt. Royce You are the Valor Gear Badass of the Week.

The acts of the Valorous cannot be hidden forever. Valor is in you. Set it free.

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