“Holy Joe” The B-29 and Capt. James Pearson

Damaged B-29 chopped in half on landing, no losses

When Capt. Pearson and his 10 crew took off in their B-29 “Holy Joe”to bomb Tokyo they knew they were putting their lives at risk. When the plane lost two of its engines on the same side (wing) their chances of survival cratered. Bailing out over Japan was a death sentence, and over the Pacific was as well. Capt. Pearson battled “Holy Joe” for 17 hours until he reached the Saipan runway. Upon landing, a propeller came off and cut off the entire front of the B-29. All the crew survived. Valor is taking a chance, working hard and never giving up no matter the odds. (Anyone else impressed with our grandfather's valor?)

Valor is in you. Set it free.

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