Father and Son: Two Heroes

Redemption and Sacrifice

“Easy Eddie” O’Hare sacrificed his life to put Al Capone the gangster in jail by betraying the gangster who was deemed untouchable. Al Capone later had Easy Eddie killed in 1939. Easy Eddie wanted more for his son than a life of crime so he taught his son American values and a better way of living. Capone assassinated “Easy Eddie” a week before being released from prison. Edward H. O’Hare became the first Navy ace of WW2 by single handedly shooting down 5 of 9 Japanese bombers attacking the USS Lexington, in an F4F Wildcat. He later recieved the Medal of Honor for this act. Edward H. O’Hare was later caught in a crossfire between a TBF Avenger and a Japanese bomber while flying his F6F Hellcat and was lost at sea. Chicago O’Hare Airport is named after the brave pilot, but I cant help but think that without the support of his father (a brave man to cross Capone), that this airport bears both their sacrifice. Valor is in you. Show it to the next generation. Set it free. (And Check out our F6F Hellcat tshirt honoring the brave pilots WW2, including Edward H. O’Hare.)

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