Captain Larry L. Taylor: Turned his Cobra Gunship into a rescue Helo

Medal of Honor Recipient Vietnam

Proving close air support for a 4 man LRRP team under fire in a rice paddy, Taylor and his fellow Cobra gunship dumped all their machine gun ammo and rockets into attacking NVA troops to no avail. The LRRP team was in danger of being destroyed. Far from help of any kind and with rescue helicopters called off, Taylor decided to land his gunship (with no extra room inside) to pick up the troops himself. With both helos gas tanks on empty, Taylor told his fellow gunship to return to base and landed his Cobra, taking hits from all sides and putting his life in danger. The LRRPs grabbed onto the rocket pods and skids, literally hanging from the two man gunship’s outside pylons. Capt. Larry took off and with virtually no fuel, returned to base, saving their lives. He received the Medal of Honor a few days ago in 2023 for his actions.

The Courageous seek a way where there is no way. Valor is in you. Set it free. 

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