Arthur Chin: America’s First WW2 Ace

Shot down 9 Japanese with outdated Bi-planes

Major Arthur Chin was a Chinese-American fighter pilot who used the outdated Curtiss Hawk and Gloster Gladiator bi-planes to deadly effect on the Japanese. Recruited by the Chinese government from his home in Portland, Oregon he was trained by aeronautical schools located within the U.S. to fight the Japanese invasion of mainland China during the 1930s. When his skill was recognized, he was sent to Germany to train further with the Luftwaffe (war had not yet begun with the Germans). Required to renounce his U.S. citizenship (legally bound by the U.S. to fight for a foreign power) at age 24 he logged his first kill: a Mitsubishi G3M2 bomber. His killing spree lasted till 1939 when his bi-plane was shot up by a Japanese Zero. With his plane on fire, and suffering burns over 80% of his body, he landed it and spent many months in the hospital recovering. His flying was not over, however, as he volunteered to fly supplies over the Himalayas: a grueling and dangerous supply route for the allies. Major Chin finished out the war and returned to the U.S. to work at the Post Office. His feats and service were not recognized until 50 years after the war. He was later awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal in 2008, 11 years after his death.

Major Arthur Chin threw himself into the fight and endured. Valor is in you. Set it free.

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