Forrest L. Vosler: Radio man Awarded Medal of Honor

His body shot up he manned the guns, saved lives

Under attack over Germany in their B-17 Flying Fortress “Jersey Bounce Jr.”, Sgt. Vosler took 20mm bullets to his legs in the radio compartment, significantly wounding him. The tail gunner was hit and out of action, so Vosler took over and began firing at the German fighters to protect their vulnerable rear. He took more 20mm rounds and shrapnel to his face and chest, with pieces of metal lodged in both of his eyeballs. When the pilot said they were going to crash into the ocean, Vosler crawled back to the radio and managed to fix it, and send an SOS. When the plane was finally beginning to sink after ditching, Vosler grabbed on the wounded Tail Gunner and kept him from drowning while the life rafts were being deployed. Forrest Vosler later was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions and due to his injuries spent time working at the Veterans Administration till his death in 1992 in Titusville, Florida.

There's nothing glamorous about being a radioman: until you show the world what's in you when you are needed. Valor is in you. Set it free.

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