Iconic photos of Two Gunners: WW2 and Afganistan

A PBY Catalina gunner rescue and Spec. Boyd in Pink Boxers

During several aerial battles in Papua New Guinea near the Japanese base at Rabaul, US pilots had to bail out. Some were picked up by subs and some by PBY Catalinas. In this picture, an uknown PBY gunner stripped off his clothes and jumped into the water to save a shot down pilot. Upon returning to the PBY, the Japanese began firing at the plane. With no time to put on his clothes, he “manned” his gun and began returning fire. A similar story happened with Spc. Zachary Boyd in Afghanistan. Taking a nap (pink boxers and all) his post came under fire and he jumped up with his weapon firing at the enemy. (His boxers are currently on display at Ft. Riley) One picture snap later and we have two examples committed to history of a single overriding principle: One does not dress for valor.

Valor is in you. Set it free.


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