YB-29 Superfortress Gunship: the Mother of All Gunships


When you need more guns, accept no substitute

When the United States was attacking Japan using the B-29 Superfortress, long range fighter escort was impossible over the vast distances of the Pacific. Even with its high tech remote controlled gun turrets and pressurized cabin, it needed protection from enemy fighters. A solution was sought: enter the YB-29 Superfortress Gunship. It contained 23 gun emplacements, one of them being a 20mm cannon in the tail. A total of 14 were made before it was deemed too expensive to upgrade the B-29. Only one Superfortress Gunship saw action in the Far East flying fuel over the Himalayas as a tanker during WW2.


Go Big or Go Home. Valor is in you. Sometimes you needs more guns.


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