Tyonajanegen: Heroine of the United States 1777

The Indian American woman who fought during the Revolutionary War

Tyonajanegen was an Oneida Indian who fought with the Americans against the British in the Battle of Oriskany, a bloody battle that cost both sides dearly. She fought with her husband and son for 6 hours until her husband was shot in the wrist. Taking up two pistols, she continued the fight on horseback until battle’s end, while her husband fought with a tomahawk and one arm.

She and her husband owned a sizable farm with many animals, but all were destroyed by the British during the war. She and her husband died penniless but left an impact on the war effort and the country they fought for.

It takes Valor to fight for your country, your family, and your friends knowing you might lose it all.
We are not the descendants of fearful men and women.

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