Lt. Col. Charles Carpenter aka. Bazooka Charlie

The little Piper Cub tank destroyer

In his L-4 light observation aircraft (a Piper Cub named Rosie The Rocketeer) Charles Carpenter destroyed several light armored vehicles and 6 tanks, including 2 Tiger 1 heavy tanks. Tired of seeing enemy tanks get away before the attack aircraft could destroy them, Charles decided to arm his Piper Cub with 6 bazooka rocket launchers designed for infantry. He rigged a switch to set them off and headed out on his tank killing spree. In one action he returned for reloading and fired a total of 16 bazookas at the German tanks. He is also noted for taking part in a defensive action by getting on top of a Sherman tank and manning the .50 cal machine gun to hold off a German attack. He was awarded the Silver Star by General Patton himself who said “this was the kind of fighting man he wanted in his army”.

It takes Valor to throw yourself into the fight and use anything you have at your disposal to win, even if it is very little.

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