Tough Patriot American Women: Nancy Hart

Spy, Frontiers-woman, Crack Shot, Cold Killer

When a squad of Tory’s (British Infantry) came to Nancy Hart’s house on the Georgia frontier looking for an escaped Whig, they found death. Demanding to be fed, killing some of her livestock for food, and drinking her wine, they had no idea this would be their last meal. Nancy, a fiery redhead scarred with smallpox, quietly stole their assault rifles (muskets) while they were drinking. When her theft was discovered, she grabbed a military grade assault weapon (musket) and shot the first soldier, killing him instantly. When a second made a move, she killed him too. Holding the rest hostage till reinforcements arrived, she demanded they all be hanged on a tree right outside her house. This was carried out. Nancy was known to have a short temper, low on patience, and hella desire for vengeance. She had six sons and two daughters and a husband who kept his mouth shut if he knew what’s good for him. In 1912 the grounds around her house were dug up and contained the skeletons of several men lying in a row (yes them). What the Tory’s didn't know was that Nancy was a crack shot, spied for the Revolution and did NOT take prisoners. We are not the descendants of fearful men and women.

Valor is in you. Set it free.

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