Paddy Mayne: The Irish Lion

SAS raider, destroyed over 100 enemy aircraft single handed

Paddy Mayne was a one man wrecking crew. A former rugby player born in Northern Ireland to wealthy parents, he was recruited to the Commandos at the beginning of WW2. He earned high distinctions and medals in his first year, but he had a temper and struck a commanding officer, landing him in jail. Recruited from jail to join the SAS (Special Air Service) elite warriors, he excelled at destroying anything unlucky enough to cross his path (Germans mostly). Daring raids in US jeeps across the Sahara Desert earned him a reputation and more medals. Some of his exploits include: driving calmly between enemy lines while mowing down German soldiers; machine gunning airplanes at point blank range and returning to the scene of the crime several times a night; earning a nomination for the Victoria Cross that he never received; breaking a friend out of prison in South Africa and going on a midnight antelope hunt (which he brought back to his hotel, horrifying the staff); and capturing a Coastal Battery. Paddy was a leader but he never led from the rear: he was first.

Valor is in you. Set it free.

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