Super Chad of the Day: Bridger Walker

Took a dog to the face to save his sister

At 6 years old Bridger had already figured out what it means to be valorous. When a family friend’s German Shepard went nuts and started attacking Bridger and his little sister, Bridger quickly put himself between the attacking dog and her. The dog grabbed his cheek and he told his sister to run, all while the dog had a hold of his cheek flesh. Eventually the owner restrained the dog and Bridger was out of danger from blood loss to his facial wound. 90 stitches later, when asked why he protected his sister the way he did, he replied “If someone had to die, I thought it should be me.” He also did not want the dog punished. The World Boxing Council made Bridger an honorary champion in 2022. He has had many surgeries to correct the wound to his face.

Six years old, pure chad, 100% Valor. Valor is in you. Set if free (no matter your age)

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