Salem Poor: American Revolutionary War Hero

Hero of Bunker Hill

Salem Poor was born into a home as a slave in 1747 in Andover, Massachusetts. In 1769 Salem bought his freedom for a year’s wages, married a half-Native American half-African American woman, and in 1775 had a son. That same year he enlisted in the militia and was sent to the Battle of Bunker Hill where he performed with Valor and killed the enemy commander Col. James Abercrombie along with several British soldiers. His bravery prompted 14 officers and Col. William Prescott to recommend he receive an award from Congress. Prescott said in his appeal to Congress that “to set forth the particulars of his conduct would be tedious”. Salem Poor continued to fight in several other battles until 1780. He died a pauper like many other patriots and his grave is unknown to this day. A commemorative stamp was made to honor this patriot in 1975, the 200th anniversary of Bunker Hill.

Buying his own freedom, he bought the freedom of others as well, putting his life in danger for his country. Valor is in you. Set it free.

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