Nurse Violet Jessop: “Miss Unsinkable” “Queen of Sinking Ships”

Survived three shipwrecks including the Titanic

Born to Irish immigrants in Argentina in 1887, Violet nearly died in childhood of Typhoid and Tuberculosis, only her incredible will to live is said to have kept her alive. When her mother became ill, Violet signed on to the White Star lines to work as a nurse on board cruise ships. Her first ship, The Olympic, rammed into a warship (H.M.S. Hawke) and was nearly sunk but managed to make it back to port without sinking. Her second ship, The Titanic, struck an iceberg and sank carrying 1500 people with it to the bottom of the ocean. She was put on a lifeboat with a random baby handed to her, surviving the sinking. Her third ship, The Britannic, was struck by a German mine during the ship's use as a hospital ship in WWI. She got on a lifeboat but it was pulled into the sinking ship’s propellers and chopped to pieces by the whirling blades, killing many passengers. She managed to jump off the boat but suffered a skull fracture and gashed leg. She continued working for the cruise lines for another 34 years until her retirement in 1950.

The will to survive and courage of Nurse Jessop are unsinkable. Valor is in you. Set it free.

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