Rosli Naf: Red Cross nurse saved 42 Jewish teens from death

Singlehandely marched into the death camp and got them out

Rosli Naf was a Swiss Red Cross nurse working with orphaned children in France during WW2. With over 100 children in her care, some Gestapo came and took 42 of the teens to a holding camp for the Auschwitz trains to be put to death. Hearing about where they were being held, she marched, alone, to the concentration camp badgering the guards to let her in. Once in she kept harassing and castigating the guards to let the children go: FOR THREE DAYS. Once her superiors heard of her, they sent a delegation to argue on her behalf threatening to cut off funds for the Swiss Red Cross if they did not comply. The teens were released and later she helped them escape, defying her own superiors by outfitting and giving them fake I.D.s and money. Five were later caught and killed by the Nazis, the rest got away. She received the Righteous among the Nations award from the Israeli government, but was fired and never has been honored by the Red Cross or the Swiss government for her bravery. She died alone in a Swiss nursing home, her last words being “I should have tried to save more children”.

Rosli stood up, took action, and entered the halls of Valor. Valor is in you. Set it free.

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