General James Hill: Unstoppable, Unkillable, Unbelievable Valor

The WW2 British General decorated by 4 nations

Dropped into North Africa commanding the 1st Paratroopers Brigade, Hill took on 3 German tanks armed with only his pistol. Capturing the first two successfully, he was shot several times in the chest by the tank machine gun. That's where he was awarded his first two medals: British DSO and French Legion of Honor. He recovered, and jumped into combat during the D-day Normandy landings. He was nearly killed by an attacking aircraft, then went on to lead a counter-attack in the middle of a German assault. That's where he earned his second DSO bar. He saw combat in the Ardennes during the Battle of the Bulge (8000 men a day were killed in this engagement) and then was dropped into Germany during Operation Varsity. Nearly killed by the glider containing his personal jeep, he grabbed a motorbike and used it to drive up and down the battlefield while commanding his paratroopers. That's where he earned his second DSO bar and the American Silver Star. He retired from the military in 1949 after serving as military Governor of Copenhagen for which he was awarded King Haakon VII's Freedom Cross. Brigadier General James Hill went on to serve in several charities and was one of the longest lived generals of WW2. He died in 2006, aged 95.

Fierce to his enemies, loyal to his friends, and generous to those in need. Valor is in you. Set it free.

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