Nakajima Ki-84: The Japanese Air Superiority Fighter Plane

Satoru Anabuki Japanese top Ace (53) in Ki-84

The Nakajima (today known as Subaru Co.) Ki-84 was the eventual evolution of the Japanese fighters. With a top speed of over 400 mph and a ceiling to match even the B-29 Superfortress, it came too late in the war to make a huge difference for the Japanese Empire. Satoru Anabuki became the top ace with this fighter ( and one of the top aces of the war with 53 victories) even shooting down a B-29 bomber and 3 Hellcats with the Ki-84. Satoru Anabuki survived the war even after being shot down several times by US fighter pilots. He became an instructor after the war and flew helicopters for the Japan Defense Force and was a pilot for Japan Airlines until his retirement.

It stretches the imagination to think of a WW2 Fighter Ace serenely flying a passenger plane after gunning down bombers, getting shot up, and bailing out multiple times in his 1945 Subaru fighter plane.

Valor is in you. Set it free.

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