Brian William McVeigh: Lost in 1996 terror bombing, never forgotten

The Lone F-15

Airman First Class Brian McVeigh was killed in 1996 when a gasoline tanker was detonated outside the Khobar Towers Military Complex, Saudi Arabia. A total of 19 service members were killed and 500 injured. Brian McVeigh worked on F-15s at the base and was remembered as a quiet man who loved lifting weights and race cars. In a quiet out of the way part of Florida stands a single F-15A fighter jet lifted on a pedestal at a small park near Gemini Springs. The F-15 was donated by the Saudis and was pieced together by veterans at Embry Riddle school of aviation as a memorial to Brian who was from Debary, Florida. You just might miss this stunning memorial of a static F-15. Its easy to drive past and I only found it because I was looking for Gemini Springs. As I drove up to the Gemini entrance, there on a pedestal about 10 feet off the ground was the iconic fighter of the 20th century, announcing to the world that a man of valor should not be forgotten. Clear skies, Brian.

From a grateful nation, thank you for showing us the way. Valor is in you. Set it free.

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