Josef Frantisek: Battle of Britain Super Ace

Tale of a WW2 Rebel: Shot down 17 planes in 4 weeks

Josef Frantisek was a Czech Republic citizen who fought for several Allied countries at the beginning of WW2 when Germany was occupying East Europe. Starting with the Czech Air Force, he transferred to Poland, France and eventually ended up in Britain defending the Isles against the German Blitz flying the Hawker Hurricane in the Battle of Britain. Being highly unruly and scaring his contemporary British pilots with his lack of discipline , he was given free reign to patrol on his own. From September 2, 1940 to September 30 he shot down 17 German planes including 9 BF-109 fighters, 6 Heinkel 111’s, and 1 JU-88 Junkers bomber. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal by King George VI for his actions. He was later killed in a crash that some suspected was an acrobatic display he put on for his girlfriend at the time. Badass Rebel Powers Level: 5000

Valor is in you. Set it free.

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