Andree de Jongh: AKA Postman “A pure heroine of Legend”

Belgian nurse who smuggled 120 POWs out of Occupied Belgium in WW2

Inspired by her WW1 hero, Edith Cavell (executed by the Germans for smuggling POWs), Andree set up a smuggling line of her own to help Allied airmen shot down Europe escape. Described by the escaping POWs as “A frail young girl about 20, with the carelessness of someone on vacation” she led dozens of men to freedom. She was later called a “heroine of pure legend” by a British colonel. Betrayed by an insider, she was captured and sent to Ravensbrok concentration camp and interrogated over 19 times by the Gestapo, but they still could not believe that the small slight girl was the leader of the Comet underground group. Andree was gravely ill after spending several years in the camp and had health issues the rest of her life. She continued her nursing after the war by working in Leprosariums in Africa. She was later made a Countess by the King of Belgium.

The flame of Valor started by Edith Cavell burned bright in Andree de Jongh and never went out.

Valor is in you. Set it free.
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