Jorge Otero Barreto

The Puerto Rican Rambo

Known as “Sergeant Rock” or “Puerto Rican Rambo”, Jorge Barreto became one of the most decorated soldiers in the Vietnam war with over 38 military decorations. His first Silver Star medal was earned when as a sergeant, he covered his platoon’s retreat from an ambush by grabbing the M-60 machine gun with all the ammo and spraying bullets till it ran out, all while being wounded several times.

His second Silver Star was earned when, wounded under heavy fire, he led his platoon in a charge into a village, knocking out several machine gun nests and clearing the village filled with NVA troops in superior numbers. Jorge Barreto brought to light the large number of Puerto Ricans who have served in the US armed forces including 9 Medal of Honor recipients.

Leading his men into combat with no regard for his life, and in impossible odds, the Puerto Rican Rambo has shown us that the timid accomplish nothing. He remains one of, if not the most decorated soldier in the history of the Vietnam War. His soldiering days are over, but Sergeant Rock’s Valor lives on.

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