John Blyth and the American Spitfire pilots

The American Spits: Reconnaissance Heroes

John Blyth and a lot of other American pilots jumped at the chance to fly the Supermarine Spitfire when offered the chance. Being reconnaissance pilots assigned to the P-38 (F-5), they began flying the Spitfire over Germany on highly risky missions to take pictures of enemy ground installations. With no guns, no armor, and no bullet proof windows and with the Spitfire lightened up for speed (some even had wooden propellers), these pilots threw themselves into harm's way. With a top speed of 422 mph, these Spitfires cut through German defenses to take their pictures before bolting for home. Over 400 of these American Spits were made. Flying alone with no guns for hours deep into enemy territory with everyone shooting at you, knowing that your mission depends on your survival is the very definition of Valor.

(Thanks to Rolland Delhomme for this story) Valor is in you. Set it free.

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