Antidote To Modern Life: Judy, the English Pointer

Only Dog Officially Registered as a WW2 POW

Brought on board the HMS Grasshopper gunboat in 1936 as a mascot, Judy became a national hero as her love for the crew and loyalty in harsh circumstances, literally saved lives on multiple occasions. When the HMS Grasshopper was sunk by Japanese planes, Judy was trapped on the slowly sinking craft. Being rescued by one of the crew, she repaid the action by protecting the crew stranded on a desolate island by finding water, killing snakes, and killing scorpions. As the crew raced to avoid capture from the Japanese, she was bitten while fighting off a crocodile and scared off a Sumatran tiger until they were captured by the Japanese. Once in the POW camp she was given official status and helped the POWs by catching rats and snakes to feed them. She survived a prison ship that was torpedoed because her handler shoved her out a porthole, rescued several men drowning and she continued to save POWs by hunting, warning them of danger, eluding the Japanese who shot her in an attempt to kill her. She even brought back an elephant leg and was caught trying to bury it for later lunch. Eventually she was brought back to the U.K., where she visited the families of fallen POWs till her death in Tanzania in 1950. Her story is amazing so check out the book.

If Judy can inspire you to great deeds, there is valor in you. Set it free.

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