Group Captain Douglas Bader: WW2 Double Amputee Ace Fighter Pilot

22 Kills With No Legs

After surviving an airplane crash in 1931 which took both of his legs, Douglas Bader went on to become one of Britain's highest scoring fighter Aces. Climbing into his Supermarine Spitfire with two metal legs, he began an airplane killing spree that was remarkable for a pilot with both legs intact: let alone a pilot missing both. Due to no blood pooling in his (non existent) legs, he could pull high G turns without blacking out. His final flight ended with him crashing into a Bf-109 mid-air, his prosthetic leg trapping him in the cockpit forcing him to jettison his leg as well as the rest of the Spitfire. He remained in a German prison from 1941 till the end of the war. He was highly respected by the Germans and remained so throughout the war, while proving a nuisance to the German prison guards by so many attempted escapes that they threatened to take away his legs. If you are looking for inspiration, or bravery, or mental toughness: look no further than Captain Bader.

He was an epitome of Valor. Valor is in you. Set it free.

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