Gen. Theodore Roosevelt Jr.: WW2 Stormed Utah Beach France at age 57

Oldest General in combat, Medal of Honor recipient, American Hero
Requesting to be on the first wave of the Utah Beach invasion of Normandy, Gen. Roosevelt proceeded to direct fire and coordinate attacks all while strolling on the beach with his cane and cracking jokes to fellow soldiers to improve morale. He had already been active in several other campaigns including the invasion of Sicily and North Africa. He was also a WWI veteran and had received many awards of valor in that war as well. Gen. Roosevelt was the governor of both Puerto Rico and the Philippines and served as the Assistant Secretary of the Navy before WW2. Gen. Roosevelt died in France a month after the Normandy invasion of a heart attack. He is buried in Normandy, France next to his brother Quentin who was killed in WWI. While he had influence from being former President Teddy Roosevelt's son, his insistence on being on the front lines in every theater of the war with his men made him irritating to his superior officers.

He did not use his father’s fame to keep him from harm, but became an example of American Valor as the oldest general in combat. (I think his father would have been proud) Valor is in you. Set it free.

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