Angeli Rose Gomez

“Y’all aint doing ****! Give me a vest or something! I’m going in!”

The Texas mother heroine who saved her kids, under fire from a school shooting

When Angeli Gomez heard on the radio her kids' school was part of a shooting, she jumped in her car and at speeds over 100mph she raced to the school. When she arrived she was immediately arrested by police for being in the wrong place. Persuading them to let her go and pleading with LEO to storm the building (to no avail), she jumped a fence and sprinted into the school through an open window, gunshots ringing out the entire time. She directed other teachers to take the kids out the window and ran to her sons class where she grabbed them and ran out saving them from certain death.

Valor has a name: Angeli Rose Gomez. Valor is unstoppable.


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