Tommy MacPherson

“The KIlted Killer” the 21 year old man who set Europe on fire

Tommy MacPherson was Britain's most decorated Special Operations war hero from WW2. Known for wearing his kilt into battle, he single handedly forced the surrender of an entire German Panzer division (23,000 men) by lying his kilt off with absolutely no one else with him by telling the Germans that he would bring an artillery strike on them if they did not surrender immediately.

Tommy spent two years being a prisoner when he was captured in Egypt on a raid to kill Rommel the Desert Fox, a German general of some renown. Escaping jail multiple times he was eventually sent to Europe where, yet again he escaped and made his way back to Britain.

Almost immediately, he was dropped into France to train the Maquis resistance movement and cause as much damage across France as possible. He was known to sit in outdoor French cafes sipping wine in full Scots Kilt dress just to mess with the Germans. The Germans eventually offered a 300,000 franc reward for his death or capture.

He would ride around France with a Union Jack flag on his car and flaunt his presence to the Germans and raise the spirits of the French resistance. No rescue or extraction was possible if he was caught. He survived the war and passed away in 2014.

The positive mindset of Tommy MacPherson shows what a single individual can accomplish. Success strikes more often on those who remain positive and Valorous.

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