The teen Oversteengen Sisters: Deadly

Sister assassins 14 and 16 who lured Nazis to their deaths and set Denmark ablaze

The Oversteengen sisters, Freddie and Truus, went on a five year assasination, sabotage, smuggling and propaganda spree that began in 1940 and ended in 1945. In 1943 they were joined by another young woman, Hannie Schaft, who was eventually caught by the Gestapo and executed. Hannies last words were “I’m a better shot” after being wounded by her executioner before being shot again.

The sisters began passing out anti Nazi propaganda leaflets at the beginning of the war before they were rucruited to full time sabotage and killing. They, with their mother, took to hiding and helping Jews escape the country on several occasions. They blew up bridges, railway lines and on several occasions, the younger sister would lure Nazi soldiers into the woods or back to their homes with the pretense of a romantic liaison. This would inevitably end up with the soldier being ambushed and shot. The girls would never say how many they killed as they considered themselves soldiers and soldiers don't brag about that.

They also killed many collaborators who worked with the Nazis during this time. Both sisters survived the war and lived to be 92, Truus dying in 2016 and Freddie dying in 2018. The sisters were given the Mobilization War Cross by the Dutch government in 2014 (after much debate among the Dutch government) and the Righteous Among The Nations award by the Israeli government in 1967 for their rescue of Jews.

Of their killings the sisters said, “It did not suit us. It never suits anybody unless they are real criminals”. It takes Valor for teenage girls to put themselves in danger and fight for the freedoms of all.

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