In 7 months they changed history

This is the beginning of a week of Flying Tigers or the American Volunteer Group, a bunch of American Mercs who took the war to Japan’s doorstep and hammered them with outdated equipment, gasoline shortages, and vastly outnumbered. 296 Japanese aircraft and countless ground targets fell victim to the Flying Tigers.

19 pilots became aces and two went on to win the Medal of Honor when they were absorbed back into the United States Air Force. The Flying Tiger emblem was created by the Walt Disney studios specifically for the AVG.

The P-40 Kittyhawk was their primary fighter. Not very maneuverable, the main tactic involved diving on Japanese planes and using the speed of their fighter to out run their opponents. Equipped (later on ) with six .50 caliber machine guns, the P-40 was a devastating fighter to anything in front of it.

The 100 men of the Flying Tigers fought, were killed, wounded, crashed, and lived rough in difficult circumstances and showed how even in small numbers, Valor is undefeatable.

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