Sergeant John G.: Heavy Machine Gun Unit Vietnam

Purple Heart Recipient, My Father In Law, My Hero

On this Veterans day weekend, we remember and celebrate those who bravely joined to serve. Nothing makes this as special as those family members who served and then went on to serve others. Sergeant John G. was in charge of an all African American Heavy Machine Gun 5th Infantry Division unit in Vietnam. He was nearly killed by mine when he stepped over it and it killed the man behind him. He took care of his unit and served with honor and valor until he developed Pericarditis and was discharged. His adventures did not stop there, however, as he moved to Papua New Guinea in the 1980s and became a translator for Wycliff and worked on the island of Nissan for 30 years with his family braving disease and living in primitive circumstances. This island was known as the Green Islands and was an airbase for the United States until the end of WW2. After successfully developing a written language for the Nissan people and finishing his Linguistic Masters degree, Sergeant John G. retired to Florida where he lives with his wife and extended family.

The Valorous volunteer. Today we celebrate Sergeant John G. for his service to our country and the people of Nissan Island. (And he looks pretty cool in one of our Valor Gear shirts too).

Valor is in you. Set it free.

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