Robert Lee Scott, Jr. (Brig. General)

Ground attack expert: The Flying Tiger Ace with a flair for adventure

Lying about being an experienced B-17 pilot, he learned to fly one on his way to Africa so he could join the Flying Tigers. Once in Burma, he took a P-43 up around Mt. Everest to take pictures just for the fun of it. Finally incorporated into the Tigers he attacked ground targets and did escort duty for bombers.

Not done, after the Tigers disbanded he became an ace in a P-40 with 13 Japanese fighter kills. Transferred to Okinawa, he was tasked to shoot up enemy shipping and trains with experimental rockets. Most noted for his book “God is my Co-Pilot” he wrote 12 novels, and flew F-16s, F-15s, and a B1-B Lancer bomber at age 89. He hiked the Great Wall of China all 1500 miles at age 72. Valor is unstoppable no matter how old you are.


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