Pvt. William Thomas Dooland: Hero of Ambon Island, Mega Chad

With Pistol, Rifle, Grenades took on Japanese army alone

When the Japanese army invaded Ambon Island in 1942, the Australian and Dutch troops there were overwhelmed. Private Dooland, a truck driver, volunteered to stay behind and cover their retreat. In doing so he killed 80 Japanese troops with a pistol, rifle and some grenades. He was subsequently killed by Japanese troops, his bullet riddled body later found. The rest of the Australian soldiers on Ambon Island surrendered and a great number were executed by sword. In a rare gesture of respect, the Japanese allowed the service and burial of one: Private Dooland. His heroic sacrifice and death was considered honorable to the Japanese and garnered respect. Dooland was 29 years old. Even his enemies respected his valor.

Valor is in you. Set it free.

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