Porter Rockwell: Possibly The Toughest Federal Marshall Ever

Killed more outlaws than Doc Holiday, Wyaat Earp, Tom Horn and Bat Masterson combined.

An early disciple and bodyguard of Joseph Smith (see Latter Day Saints), Rockwell became possibly the fiercest lawman to ever walk west of the Mississippi. Joseph Smith prophesied that if Rockwell didn't cut his hair he would be invincible. Taking this as his cue, Rockwell would get into fights with superior numbers of outlaws and triumph with not one bullet wound. He carried two Colt Navy .36 cal black powder pistols and another one with a sawed off barrel in his pocket. He was ambushed many times and the concealed carry pistol saved his life as it was undetected as he shot them from within his pocket. While many considered Porter to be a loose cannon with a badge (criminals did go “missing” when he was around) no one debates that he brought law and order to a very lawless time in American history. He was known as The Destroying Angel of Momondom. Tough times breed tough men and no one wanted to mess with the Son of Thunder as he was also known. Crazy hair though.

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