National Aviation Day: Our Heroes Who Fly Us Around

My First Thought: Kurt Glennon

I’d like to introduce my Brother In Law, Commander (retired) Kurt Glennon. He's a life long Navy Aviator Veteran and a pilot for JetBlue airlines. He joined the Navy right after highschool as a corpsman for the Marines and then went to flight school and ended up flying the P-3 Orion on long range missions overseas. He was also in Iraq at one point helping out with jamming equipment for humvees being attacked by roadside bombs. He now Captains a passenger jet for JetBlue, flying people safely all over the world. He is one of Valor Gear’s artists and he did the tail art for the VT Six Shooters squadron up in NAS Pensacola Florida where he trained pilots in the T-34 Mentor for many, many years. There are many amazing pilots ferrying people around the country at this moment and many are brave Veterans and highly experienced. You're in good hands with Kurt Glennon behind the controls. Get to know some of these extraordinary individuals if you can.

You wont regret it. Relax. Enjoy the ride. Valor is in the cockpit. 

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