Maj. Garrett Middlebrook: WW2 B-25 Gunship pilot

Air Combat at 20 Feet

Due to a need for longer range planes to attack shipping in the South Pacific during WW2, several B-25 Mitchells were upgunned with extra machine guns (several sporting a 75mm howitzer cannon) by eliminating the glass nose and bombardier position. This now solid nose was filled to the brim with .50 cal machine guns, 20 mm cannon and a 75 mm field cannon. Several extra .50 cals were put on the side of the fuselage with the top .50 cal pointed forward as well to get maximum firepower. The results were deadly for the Japanese shipping, ground and anything else in the way of the B-25 monster. In his book, “Air Combat at 20 Feet” Middlebrook describes how the medium bomber became a feared weapon in the hands of skilled pilots. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, and two Air Medals in the year he served in Papua New Guinea. He died in 2012 aged 92.

A fearsome weapon in the hands of a man of valor. Valor is in you. Set it free.

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