Lt. Friedrich Lengfeld: Sacrificed himself to save an American soldier

The ONLY German Wehrmacht honored by U.S. veterans

During the battle of Hurtgen Forest, an American soldier stepped on a land mine and was seriously wounded. Listening to his cries of pain, Lt. Friedrich Lengfeld ordered his men not to fire on any medics trying to help him. When no one came to help the fallen American soldier and listening for hours to his cries, Lengfeld led a small group of medics with Red Cross flags into the mine field to save the wounded man. Lengfeld stepped on a rifle mine and was fatally wounded in the action. His men pulled him out of the minefield and rushed him to a hospital where he died. No one knows what became of the wounded American and no body was found after the Germans later returned to the area. The 22nd US Infantry Regiment 4th I.D. later built the only monument to a German soldier in WW2 to honor the fallen man for his sacrifice. This memorial can be found in the Hurtgen Cemetery of Honor. The price of Valor was high for Lt. Friedrich Lengfeld. His actions will live on with his honor intact.

Valor is in you. Set it free.

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