Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy: An American Lion

Surrounded, outnumbered, under fire he risked it all to make one phone call

Michael Murphy, a US Navy Seal, received the Medal of Honor for risking his life and giving it, to make a phone call for an extraction for his team under fire. Ambushed by many Taliban with heavy weapons, his team was getting shot up. Michael himself took 14 gunshot wounds while making the call, but kept returning fire. He was ultimately successful in making contact but the team was unable to make it out alive except for Marcus Lattrell who later became known for his book “Lone Survivor” on the incident. Additionally other Navy Seals were lost in the incident when their helicopter was shot down trying to rescue their fellow Seals. This represented the greatest loss of Navy Seals since the Vietnam War at 20 service members.

It is noteworthy that as he was being shot while making the extraction call, Michael Murphy ended the call with a polite “ Thank You” while returning fire and being completely exposed.

There was Valor in the actions of Michael Murphy’s sacrifice and in his words we at Valor Gear would like to say: Thank You Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy for showing us the way.

There is Valor in you: Set it free.

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