Lafayette G. Pool aka “War Daddy”

The American Tank Ace who inspired the movie “Fury”

Lafayette G. Pool went on an 81 day killing spree from June to September 1944 that totaled up a shocking number of enemies destroyed. Using three separate tanks (as they were eventually all knocked out of action) he totaled up 12 enemy tank kills, 258 total armored vehicles and anti tank guns destroyed, over 1000 enemy soldiers killed, and 250 prisoners taken. His tank was nicknamed: “IN THE MOOD” and he had it painted on all his tanks.

Lafayette received many medals including the Distinguished Service Cross, the Legion of Merit, Silver Star, the Purple Heart, the Belgian Fourragere, and the French Legion d’Honneur.

War Daddy refused a commission as an officer so he could be close to the action with his men. In his final action, his tank was shot up by a Panther German tank and Pool was wounded and lost his leg above the knee.

It takes Valor to climb into a tank and fight for your country. We salute you War Daddy.

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