Johnnie Johnson: The Greatest Spitfire Ace

Johnnie Johnson was an engineer who badly wanted to be a fighter pilot. He was disqualified due to a rugby accident in which he broke his collarbone. His persistence paid off and he was accepted into the RAF but struggled due to his injury. He got his collarbone reset and missed several air battles at the beginning of the war.

Once he was fit, he began a killing spree with his Spitfire that eventually ended with him being the top Ace at 34 kills and multiple other targets destroyed.

Johnnie always was met by his black Labrador Sally upon his return from missions.

He survived WW2 and went on to fight in the Korean War flying P-80 Shooting Stars and F-86 Sabres in partnership with the USAF.

After military service, Johnnie spent his life sponsoring an aviation artist with exceptional ability: Robert Taylor. Robert Taylor's works are exceptional and are recognized as some of the finest Aviation art in the world. See some of his art work at It's worth a look.

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