Jean-Pierre Hallet

Tough, Fearless, Compassionate Man of Valor

Blew off his hand with a piece of dynamite (fishing with dynamite was an emergency way to stop the starvation of a local village), swam through crocodile infested waters to reach the shore after said explosion (crocs managed to get his shirt one being 20ft in length), drove 80 miles to a hospital on jungle roads with one hand (bleeding, with one eye shut and concussion), fought a leopard with one hand and a knife after getting out of the hospital (killing said leopard), survived black water fever sickness, was shot with a poison dart from Pygmy hunters (mistakenly) and had them do immediate surgery by cutting open his thigh muscle to drain a vein before the poison got to his heart (no anesthesia) and still managed to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work of saving the Pygmy people of the Congo. Congo Kitabu: the real life story of Jean-Pierre Hallet before 1960.

Sometimes the story of Valor is unbelievable especially when it's real.

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