Elisjsha Dicken: 15 Seconds

The Sharp shooting Civilian who saved many lives

The lives of many were saved by the quick, decisive action of one young man in the Greenwood Park mall filled with people. When a deranged lunatic exited the bathroom and opened fire with a gun, Elisjsha who was there with his girlfriend, took out his Glock pistol and fired, immediately hitting the shooter. He then fired 9 more rounds hitting the suspect a total of eight times from a distance of 120 feet. Neutralizing the suspect 15 seconds after he began to murder mall goers.

In 15 seconds an untrained civilian threw himself into the fight and ended it. Decisively. 5:56:48 p.m shooting begins: 5:57:03 p.m shooting ends. No matter what's in your Patriot Toolbox, Valor doesn't hesitate. Hats off to our 2A hero of the day.

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