David Lee “Tex” Hill

Flying Tiger AVG triple ace and son of missionaries to Korea

Tex the Tiger left burning wreckage all across the Orient

In charge of a squadron (called Panda Bears) of the Flying Tigers, Tex Hill shot down 12 Japanese fighters making him a double ace. In one fight while escorting some B-24 bombers, he intercepted several Japanese fighters taking off and attacked them alone. Scattering the fighters, he shot down one, and damaged others, saving the B-24s in his P-40 Tomahawk.

After the AVG was disbanded, he was absorbed into a fighter squadron in the USAAF and shot down the first Japanese Zero fighter with his brand new P-51B. His total number of kills rose to 25 by the end of the war. He survived the war and was promoted to Brigadier General in the Air Force Reserve. His leadership and Valor paved the way for many who fought and will fight again.

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