Black Panther Tank Battalion: “Come Out Fighting”

300 Purple Hearts, 1 Medal of Honor, Presidential Citation

The 761st Tank Battalion known as the Black Panthers during WW2 were an all African American group sent to Europe in 1944. One famous member of this group was Jackie Robinson, a famous Major League Baseball player: the first African American to play in modern times. This group of men fought like the proverbial black panthers of their namesake. Many were killed and one received the Medal of Honor posthumously for fighting with a leg cut to the bone for two days until killed by a German anti tank round. Gen. George Patton decorated some for their bravery, including a Silver Star to Pvt. Ernest Jenkins.

Their difficult road from segregation to American heroes is not to be underestimated but they did not falter in their path to win honor and show us the way to Valor. Valor is in you. Set it free.

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